Forex On The Go Premium App Reviews

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Would love to use this app but it just crashes on startup!

Refund please

Doesnt work. It always says the markets are closed, that is when it doesnt crash.

Does not even work !!

This app would be great, but displays that markets are closed at all time, does not even startup !! Update asap or refund !!

very convienent

Accurate data feed, nice and clear charting, works fine for me But does experience occasional crash Overall awesome app, waiting for more updates

Improvement on news!

Fast updates n accurate! Add news detail format will be improvement!


Tried to report a problem but no access. Please cancel and refund. Dont want this app.


Coming soonって、何時になったらM4対応になるんですか?

That is impossible

Why i cannot trade in this program? I buy it for 9,99$ and it is not posibility to trade? It is impossible. In the foto i see 5 menus but i do not have "Orders" menu...Somebody HELP please..(

Great App... Needs Customization

I was surprised how well this app worked! Accurate data and easy to read charts. Though great as is, I would love to see some improvements. I’d like to set defaults like an hourly EUR/USD chart when the program begins so I don’t have to adjust each time I log on. The ability to alter this default pair depending on which current position is most important to me would be great. The yellow bid/offer overlay is useless and disrupts the flow of the chart. The highlighted “last” on the right side of the chart is all that’s needed to know the current market rate when viewing charts. More frequent updates of the pricing grid would be great, and an option to change from percentage view to hi/low view would be perfect. When I look at rates, I need to know the hi/low of a particular pair in order to quickly decipher if my positions have been stopped or if my t/p orders have been executed. Lastly, and this is nitpicking, symmetry between charts and the pricing grid would be ideal. I mean, lose the blue up-candles on the charts and make them green, as they should be, to concur with the green upticks on the grid.

very powerful

This is a very powerful app. I would recommend it to anyone who uses Forex on their computer.

Excellent App! A MUST have for any forex trader!

This app works flawlessly- its fast, easy, responsive, intuitive, and overall excellent. Its an absolute must have for ALL forex traders! It keeps all the information you need at your fingertips, and when on the move. $10 is a total steal; its worth much, much more. A must buy!

Primitive program

This program is very primitive. 1.You cannot set your own chart of curriency 2. Chart does not move at all ( you have to restart program) List of curriencies work, but some people like me, do not need all Curriencies. Free program (with adds) costs nothing and is as good as this for 9.99. No good for any money.

I like it

I like the quick access to the financial data calender. Charts are pretty nice as well. I am all about fast simple ease of use so I am happy with the purchase.


I see they lower the price. Its still why overprice for what this app do. Should be free or no more than $0.99 . I wish I can get my money back

What happened to this app?

Ever since the "new features" announcements last week this app has been unreliable in that the data is often not up to date or just plain unavailable. Please fix this problem.

Only one available in apps

I like this app but needs improvement. This is the only one available in apps about forex but chart update is slow and I needed to restart it to see real info most of the time... I hope they improve it very soon.

Poor charting

Still slow and poor graphics for charting. Needs improvement.

Low value

Charting is slow and no support for landscape mode. Also introduced ads in the paid app in the news area which is annoying

Very slow to load & unable to draw....

CONS: Very slow to load & unable to draw a simple line or see upcoming economic data outside of todays calendar. Also has problems with time stamps on some charts. PROS: good graphics & smooth design. I havent found anything better yet. Hopefully they come out with the improved v. for this one. ZachTax

Best Currency App

Nice charts, quick load time, great tools, well worth the buy

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